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Anammox batch tests

Following the implementation of anaerobic batch tests to determine the anaerobic sludge activity, a method for the determination of N2 formation rate by denitrification and anammox bacteria was developed at ISAH. The automated batch system allows continuous data logging for up to 16 parallel tests. The standardized method also allows direct comparison of the activity of various sludges, or inhibitory effect of different wastewaters. Results are further used in system optimization and modeling.


  • Determination of maximum anammox activity
  • Sludge-specific inhibition constants
  • Inhibitory effect of different wastewaters
  • Endogenous denitrification capacity


  • Temperature 10-40°C
  • Measuring accuracy 1 mbar
  • Reactor volume 500-650 mL
  • Continuous record of the measurement data