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Excursion I: Industrial Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant KWST Hannover

Excursion II: Biogas plant Ronnenberg with methane purification and grid feed-in

Excursion III: WWTP Rheda-Wiedenbrück - combined treatment of municipal and slaughter house wastewater.

Excursion IV: ProEn BiogasPlant Fallingbostel, Exhaust Heat Recovery through Industry

Excursion Va: Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant Hannover (MBT ) aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover

Excursion Vb: Waste Incineration Plant in Hannover - Lahe

Excursion VIa: Biogas plant Oehmer Feld Leese

Excursion VIb: Renewable primary products Biogas plant Wolter

Excursion VII: Waste Water Treatment Plant Hannover Herrenhausen