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Waste Management, Material Flow Management and Anaerobic Treatment

Head of department

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Dirk Weichgrebe

Research focus

The Department of Waste Management is currently leading projects in the field of anaerobic processes and solid waste management and has been working for many years on landfill planning as well as waste management concepts. Integrated material and energy flow concepts are created based on actual supply and waste stream data. Currently, this division has focus on the following aspects:

  • Solid Waste Management Concepts, in particular for mega-cities in emerging economies
  • Exhaust air emissions from biological waste treatment
  • Optimization and control of biological waste treatment
  • Segregated waste collection
  • Anaerobic energy production of manure, renewable raw materials, organic waste
  • Process kinetics and modeling
  • Material flow management and recycling
  • Biogas yield tests, determination of the microbiological activity and inhibition of substances during waste degradation

Projects and Publications

  • Current Projects
  • Concluded Projects
  • Publications