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Anaerobic batch tests

The ISAH has an automated batch plant for anaerobic batch tests (in accordance to DIN EN ISO 11 734) to determine the anaerobic sludge activity and potential gas formation of substrates. Degradation characteristics of substrates and sludge are further used in system optimization and modeling.


  • Determination of the gas yield of a substrate
  • Effects of different pre-treatment activities on the gas yield and gas production rates of substrates
  • Determination of substrates and inhibitors in the inoculum of the fermenter
  • Examination of the compatibility of co-substrates for an existing facility
  • Assessment of a possible interaction with previously used substrates
  • Optimization of the gas yield by adjusting the feed rate and residence time on the degradation rate of the inoculum
  • Investigation of the effects of micro-and macro-nutrient dosages


  • Temperature 10-40°C
  • Measuring accuracy 1 mbar
  • Reactor volume 250-2000 mL
  • Continuous record of the measurement data