Indo-German Workshop on ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management: Issues, Opportunities and Way Ahead’

Indo-German Workshop on ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management: Issues, Opportunities and Way Ahead’

The Institute of Sanitary Engineering & waste management (ISAH), in collaboration with Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited and CSIR- Central Leather Research Institute, is organizing an Indo - German training workshop entitled ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management: Issues, Opportunities and Way Ahead’' on 31st July.

The workshop is delivered as part of the project ‘Designing International certificate course for Circular Economy & Waste management for developing countries’. The project details can be found here. The workshop will be attended by professionals, industrial experts and academics working MSW sector in India & Germany. The training workshop will include 5 sessions and have following outcomes for participants.


Session I

To know practical issues and challenges on the ground in SWM.  In addition, the participants will get to know existing strategies for the implementation of MSW systems and success case studies as background for the panel discussion.

Session II

Every waste stream is different due to demographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of a region and needs its specific design- centralized, decentralized & clustering. Participants will learn about Ramky’s integrated cluster model application and effectiveness of this model in Madhya Pradesh.

In addition, International case examples from Germany which are applicable in India will be shared.

Session III

A functioning waste management system is complex and has both direct dependencies and degrees of freedom. The participants will learn through a role play to experience the complex and multivariate forces through interaction and design a mutually beneficial strategy for a sustainable system.

Session IV

The participants will get to know about dual education system in Germany and how it has resulted in effective and efficient improvement in SWM. The participants will learn how they can drive new trainings for new occupational profiles. For .e.g. “Specialist/Manager in Circular Economy and Waste Management”. Furthermore, a blue print for International capacity building program by ISAH will be presented.

Session V

The Panel discussion will open opportunities for feedback on the content of workshop, an open floor discussion where participants can express their specific training needs for future workshops as well as their suggestions for a systematic International capacity building program presented by ISAH in the last sessions.

The workshop will provide impetus to new ideas and collaborations for capacity building and knowledge transfer in MSW sector.