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Beregnungsanlage zur Untersuchung des Verhaltens von Mikroplastik auf urbanen wasserdurchlässigen Oberflächen

Sprinkler system to investigate the behaviour of microplastics on urban water-permeable surfaces

Sprinkler system to study microplastic mobilisation on urban permeable surfaces
Examination of different test surfaces

With the help of the newly installed sprinkler system, the water-induced transport and mobilisation behaviour of microplastics on urban water-permeable surfaces is being investigated under controlled laboratory conditions. The system allows rainfall simulation on various test surfaces with different rainfall intensities and durations, detailed evaluation of the surface runoff and the infiltrated water, and the installation of a surface slope.

The aim of the investigations is to determine the particle mobilisation as a function of the rainfall intensity and duration, the particle size, and the material properties of the test surface. Furthermore, decisive parameters for the mobilisation are determined and the particle behaviour on different surfaces is compared. With the knowledge gained, statements can be made about the amount of microplastic transferred into the surface runoff. The findings of this experiments can be used for the investigation of the transfer of roadway particles, also called TRWPs (Tire and Road Wear Particles).

We would like to thank the KEYS joint project for funding the sprinkler system. Further information on the KEYS research project can be found here and on the project homepage.