OSCAR: Entwicklung des Digitalen Zwillings der Schiffskläranlage gestartet

OSCAR: Development of Digital Twin for Cruise Ship Wastewater Treatment Plants started

A prototype of the cruise ship WWTP digital twin is developed based on experiments in ISAH’s lab WWTP

To develop a prototype Digital Twin of a cruise ship wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), experiments in ISAH’s lab-scale wastewater treatment plant were started. The simulation model will later be adapted for larger scale treatment plants.

The lab WWTP offers excellent conditions for model development: a variety of sensors allows close process monitoring and process conditions are well-controlled. Using synthetic ship wastewater, diurnal variations in the wastewater flow and composition are emulated to analyse the process dynamics under typical as well as extreme operating conditions. The synthetic wastewater recipe is based on the characteristics of typical cruise ship wastewater streams, which were also investigated in OSCAR.

The measured data is transferred to the OSCAR cloud in real time using the IoT Connector, developed by OSCAR project partner SEGNO Industrial Automation. The OSCAR cloud facilitates remote supervision and data analysis. The collected data is visualised, archived and can be exported for further processing. In the next step, the Digital Twin will be integrated in the cloud application to realise in-depth process analysis and support WWTP operation.

For further information on OSCAR see the project description and visit the OSCAR homepage: