Research Field Microbiology


ISAH also focus on the biological treatment of wastewater, such as the elimination of pathogens and micropollutants in the wastewater treatment process. In addition, Batch tests are performed to reduce the residual COD (aerobic degradability of wastewater contents) in treated wastewater, as it plays an important role in operational optimisation and is partly linked to the problem of micropollutants. In addition to batch experiments, molecular biological methods (FISH, PCR) are performed to identify the microbial community and study the dynamic development of biocoenoses. Other research areas are the detailed investigation of processes for biological nitrogen elimination (conversion rates, inhibition), sludge bulking (microscopic determination of filamentous bacteria), resource recovery (biopolymer production) and the determination of water quality. The main research areas are:

  • Sanitation and viruses
  • Micropollutants elimination and drug residues
  • Problem-solving for bulking sludge, floating sludge and foam
  • residual COD
  • Population dynamics in mixed biocoenoses
  • Bio-P and nitrogen elimination
  • Process kinetics
  • Biopolymer production