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OSCAR - Online Modellierungs-, Simulations- und (Fern-)Steuerungssysteme für bordeigene Umwelttechnologien auf (Kreuzfahrt-)Schiffen

Research Projects

OSCAR - Online Modeling, Simulation and Remote Control System for environmental technologies on-board (Cruise) Ships (OSCAR)

Leaders:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Köster
Team:  Dagmar Pohl, M. Sc. & Kai Schumüller, M. Sc.
Year:  2022
Sponsors:  BMWi - Maritimes Forschungsprogramm
Lifespan:  07/2019 - 06/2022
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OSCAR aims to take a decisive development step towards improving the quality of environmental protection on board (cruise) ships by extending maritime digitalisation to on-board environmental process technology. The aim is to develop and test a system that will enable monitoring and, in perspective, remote control of the complex, mainly biological treatment processes from the relevant environmental segments of waste water and organic waste on board (cruise) ships. Initial point for a later centralized fleet management of the treatment processes. Furthermore, the supply of an additive based on digestate for the direct de-NOxing of ship exhaust gases is included in the overall consideration.