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Anaerobic Technology and Bioenergy

Anaerobic Technology and Bioenergy

Research Team Anaerobic Technology and Bioenergy

The aim of this research team is to answer research questions in the fields of liquid and solid waste management and microbiology as well as recycling management.

The focus is on the development and optimisation of technical processes and methods for the recovery of renewable energies from solid and liquid organic residual and waste streams while simultaneously closing nutrient and resource cycles.

The research team draws on many years of experience in anaerobic technology, biogas production and utilisation. Examples are innovative approaches and technological developments such as fermentation of cellulose-based substrates by establishing rumen microbiology, sequential evaporation of fermentation residues to obtain ammonia water and pyrolysis of organic residues for CO2 sequestration.

With the aid of modern laboratory equipment, pilot-scale pilot plants and fully equipped plants, questions of both basic and applied research are dealt with.