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Industrial Water Management

Industrial Water Management

Research Team Industrial Water Management

The topics of the research group "Industrial Water Management" range from the testing of new technologies in pilot plants to the development of industry-specific decision support tools via simulation. In recent years, process development and optimisation have focused on the development and optimisation of biological treatment processes with a current focus on the combination of anerobic/aerobic processes and the implementation of processes for nitrogen elimination (e.g. deammonification).

With regard to industry-specific characteristics, the research of this research group, in close cooperation with the engineering and biological disciplines, supports industry in particular with regard to toxicity, inhibition and sludge degeneration or adaptation.

The conception and testing of PIUS measures (production-integrated environmental protection measures) using specific processes (such as biofilm, anaerobic and microfiltration processes) and consideration of specific operating situations (industry approach) complete the range of topics of this research group.

The further development and specific adaptation of balance and prognosis models for the evaluation of overall concepts under consideration of sustainability (water saving, production of renewable energy and CO2 minimisation) is currently in focus.