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Maritime Environmental Protection

Marine Environmental Protection

Research Team Marine Environmental Protection

Efforts to improve marine environmental protection also include further reducing the environmental impact of shipping.

On board, there are special requirements for the use of environmental technologies, which often differ from those on-shore. For example, technologies that have already been tried and tested many times on shore and are used successfully need to be adapted and further developed to meet the needs of ships and shipping companies, or new technical developments are required.

Central topics of the Research Group Marine Environmental Protection relate to the improvement of environmental protection on board cruise ships and address in particular the following issues

Optimization of wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater and grey water reuse concepts
  • the use of anaerobic technologies for the recycling of organic residues and for energy production

Further research topics of the group are the following

  • Modelling and simulation solutions for environmental technologies on board ships
  • Automation and digitisation, remote connection of environmental protection solutions to the central fleet management system

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All research work is not only discussed in a fundamental way, but also industry-specific and individual approaches are developed to support the transfer of current research results into practice.