Research Project/Master Thesis Topics

Research Project/Master Thesis Topics


Are you interested in writing your research paper (research project/master thesis) in one of the research fields of ISAH?

Here you can find the currently available topics for research papers. Our current topics are divided into four research fields:

Solid waste and circular economy
Drinking water

Besides, you can also have a look on our current reasearch projects and inform us in which you are most interested.

PA: Projektarbeit; SA: Seminararbeit; BA: Bachelor Thesis MA: Master Thesis; RP: Research Project


Solid Waste and Circular Economy


  • MA: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) of decentralized stormwater management structures

    Work contents:

    • Perform field observations to determine time and type of water exposure at each location, including water fountains
    • Possibility of lab work to analyze presence of pathogens in the water samples (probably during summer season)
    • Data tabulation and statistical analysis
    • Perform a risk analysis for swales and stormwater retention tanks


    Type of work:

    Master thesis (english)

    Contact person:

    Estefania Carpio

Drinking Water

                                Unfortunately there are no topics available at the moment.