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Sanitary Engineering

Teaching staff

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Köster
  • M. Sc. Ina Feldkämper
  • M. Sc. Kristina Elsner


  • Monday: 11:30h-13:00h; Room: 3408/724
  • Tuesday: 9:45h-11:45h; Room: 3408/724

Mode of examination

  •  One written examination

Learning Objectives

This course deals with the basic topics of waste water management, which consist of water supply, sewage technology and waste management. The course seeks to impart knowledge about basic methods and dimensioning approaches of waste water management.  The route of the water, starting with its catchment, over its treatment up to the collection and draining of the produced waste water is shown and explained. 

Basic methods of mechanical-biological waste water and sludge treatment are added to this overview, as well as an introduction into waste management.


Water Supply

  • Basics of water supply
  • Methods of water treatment  
  • Distribution, storage and conveyance of water  

Sewage technology 

  • Waste water onset and draining, sewage network 
  • Storm water treatment and rating
  • Waste water consistence
  • Requirements on waste water treatment
  • Methods of waste water treatment and dimensioning approaches
  • Concepts for WWTP´s and decentralized areas, sludge treatment 

Waste management

  • Introduction into waste management 
  • Waste types and quantities, as well as collection and transportation 
  • Waste recycling 

Recommended requirements

  • Hydrobiology & Hydrochemistry


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