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Sanitary Engineering, Water Supply and Industrial Water Management

Head of department

Dr.-Ing. Maike Beier

Research focus

The research focus of this division are within the scope of experimental and simulation techniques of municipal and industrial water management. In the last years, our focus has been the development and optimization of:

  • Processes for the biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater (nitrogen elimination/deammonification, phosphorus removal and recycling, residual COD/micropollutants, biofilm, anaerobic and microfiltration processes).
  • Processes for the recycling and wastewater management in industrial applications (balance and forecast modeling, PIUS) with respect to sustainability (water conservation, renewable energy production and CO2 reduction).
  • Measurement, process and monitor models as well as dynamic online simulations e.g. development of operational and business support adaptive control strategies.
  • Integrative analysis and modeling of sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants with regard to river basin management. 
  • Cross-media assessment of procedures in environmental protection (e.g. LCA, BREF) with current focus on the quantification of process-induced greenhouse gas emissions (N2O and CH4).

All research work is designed to individual and industrial-specific solutions, with intent to transfer current scientific findings into practice.

Projects and Publications