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Special Topics in Sanitary Engineering

Teaching staff

  • Dr.-Ing. Peter Hartwig
  • Dr.-Ing. habil. Holger Scheer
  • M. Sc. Kristina Elsner
  • M. Sc. Ina Feldkämper


Friday 14:00 h- 17:45 h Geb.-Raum: MZ 523 (3408)

  • 04. November 2016
  • 18. November 2016
  • 25. November 2016
  • 02. December 2016
  • 16. December 2016
  • 13. January 2017
  • 20. January 2017

Mode of examination

  • One written examination

Learning objectives

This course seeks to impart the basic and practical aspects and approaches for water supply plants and effluent disposal plants as well as for sludge treatment. Tutorials for dimensioning real and full-scale wastewater treatment plants engross the mind of theoretical knowledge. Some specific examples will cover the design and dimensioning of full scale plants.

Furthermore, economical efficiency calculation for planning and investment decisions in the urban water management will be educated.

After successful completion of this module, students are able to

- resume the necessary estimations for wastewater projects;

- name diverse design parameters of wastewater treatment facilities;

- design different components of a wastewater treatment plants;

- interpret the causes of operational problems at wastewater treatment plants;

- differentiate cost types and compilate costs for caculations;

- execute mathematical processing of costs (cost-leveling);

- compare project costs in different ways;

- implement sensitivity analysis of critical values. 


    • Tutorials for the dimensioning of municipal waterworks
    • Process engineering in wastewater treatment
    • Design and dimensioning of wastewater treatment plants
    • Process engineering in sludge treatment
    • Investment and operating costs
    • Ascertainment of costs
    • Financial, mathematical processing of costs (levelised costs)
    • Comparison of costs
    • Sensitivity analyses and determination of critical values

    Recommended requirements

    • Umweltbiologie und -chemie (Natural Science: Hydrobiology and -chemistry)
    • Siedlungswasserwirtschaft und Abfalltechnik (Sanitary Engineering)
    • Abwassertechnik


    • IAWQ-NVA, Advanced wastewater treatment, International conference, 1996.
    • Judd, Process science and engineering for water and wastewater treatment, IWA Publishing, 2002.
    • Water Environment Federation, Financing and charges for wastewater systems, McGraw-Hill, 2005.
    • Wilderer et al., Water in China. IWA Publishing, 2003.


    • Die Vorlesung und die Prüfung werden in englischer Sprache gehalten.
    • Die Vorlesung wird von zwei externen Dozenten gehalten.
    • Es werden mehrere Blockveranstaltungen an einem Freitag (nachmittags) während des Semesters angeboten.