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Die blau-grüne Schwammstadt zu Ende denken - Vortrag auf dem Zukunftsforum der Wasserwirtschaft

"Completing the development of the blue-green sponge city" - Presentation at the Water Management Future Forum


On September 9, 2021, the Hannover Urban Drainage Department (Stadtentwässerung Hannover, SEH) hosted the "Future Forum of Water Management" at the Hannover Congress Centrum. On the occasion of this event, SEH had brought together high-ranking representatives from politics, practice and administration so that important future issues of (urban) water management could be discussed in detail with numerous relevant stakeholders.


Professor Köster presented the findings and recommendations from the ISAH''s current research on sponge city development in his speech "Completing the development of the blue-green sponge city". You can download his contribution as a pdf file and/or as a video under the links below.