Water and waste management are increasingly confronted with major challenges, which we address in our research. Examples of our scientific topics are the long-term secured access to sufficient and high-quality drinking water, the transformation of urban areas to reduce climate vulnerability, innovative technologies to solve the question of new pollutants, the integration and further development of water and waste management facilities on the way to a practice-oriented circular flow economy. We deal with the value preservation of existing infrastructures, operating strategies, multi-criteria assessments and the digitalisation of water management as well as the process development and optimisation of nutrient elimination and recovery in a municipal and industrial context. Our research thus makes an important contribution to sustainable development.

In teaching, we attach great importance to the teaching of the engineering basics and the successful acquisition of the skills required to solve the future issues addressed. We conduct our research using state-of-the-art methods, increasingly in an international context. We have at our disposal comprehensive experimental technology, modern analytical equipment and numerous modelling solutions as research tools. We work interdisciplinary and therefore very closely together with biologists and chemists.